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Brooke's Massage


Names are left out for privacy.

I walked in with massive neck and shoulder pain, and limited neck mobility.  I walked out feeling 10z better and will definitely be back. Brooke is Amazing!!

Brooke, you found the key that unlocks my back! My chiropractor made four adjustments. My leg went from 40% to 60 to 90 and then to 100%. Shoulder has been locking back down. My chiropractor and I say a big Thank you!
Hey.  I think we may be on to something the pain in my foot has eased a bit. I would like to try it some more hopefully it will continue to improve.  I really appreciate all your help thanks a bunch.

You have no idea how much better I feel...I went to all these therapists and paid a lot of money to feel better...I never had anyone push my jaw bone or my nerves in my face.....I would be lying if I said it was not painful....but every time I walked out I had headache and pains everywhere....for three days....now nothing....soooo happy thank you….

I really appreciate you Brooke...no matter what I have going on in my life, you always make me feel better...Physically and mentally.

Thank You......the lower back feels great and the leg is better than it’s been in weeks.  If we can find the time, I would like to have another appointment next week before I go away. Your cups have done more for these two problems than all of the massage & Chiropractic work together. THANK YOU.

Brooke continues to exceed my expectations! Her commitment to increase her knowledge and skill level has been beneficial to my sessions. I really appreciate her making each visit different, attacking trouble areas with various techniques – which has to make the repair that much faster! And that also means I am never bored!  Thanks again for being the best!

I have gone to Brooke for prenatal massages for both of my pregnancies. It was amazing. Very relaxing. She gives you tips for things to do at home to relieve discomfort. She uses the full hour and is very professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend any expectant mother to Brooke. I look forward to future massages as well!!!

Brooke has introduced me to a number of the various techniques that she utilizes during her therapy sessions, my particular favorite being "cupping," and I truly believe she has a God Given gift to heal.

Just wanted to let you know the cupping you did on my upper right arm last week was extremely effective in eliminating the pain. I still don’t know what I did to it, but I hadn’t been able to do any pressing or overhead motion at all without considerable pain for the last few months.

AWESOME!!!!!!!! Brooke is a true professional with a unique ability to improve one's quality of life. I have seen numerous therapists over the past 25 years and Brooke is absolutely the best.

I played basketball on Thursday after the massage and felt great. But the real test came yesterday when I went to the gym. Did some medium weight shoulder presses and bench presses and was really surprised (and happy) there was no pain! Not sure how it works, but that cupping really worked on whatever I did to my arm.  

Everything from the reception area to the massage Brooke gave was perfect. Deep enough to fix my aches, but not so much to hurt while she was fixing me. I could come from as far as Canada to get healed by one of these great therapists!

Know that you are in great hands when you get a massage with Brooke. I had brain surgery recently and this was just the therapy I needed for my mind and body. Thanks to her expertise, I feel great!  I will only come back for more.

My search for a massage therapist is over. I recently had a deep tissue massage from Brooke, and it was by far the best massage I've ever had. Went in with a sore/stiff lower and upper back and limited range of motion in the neck. Left pain-free and totally revitalized. I was a first time client, but will definitely be back!

Very happy customer! Just had my first massage  ever. Brook was very energetic and knowledgeable. I took advantage of their October sale and had a relaxing rejuvenating experience. I have slight tendinitis in my shoulder and the pain is relieved after only 10 minutes spent on it.

They offer a variety of massage therapy techniques that have help my worn out body in so many ways. Brooke has been "cupping" my lymph edema in my arm from Breast Cancer surgery over 18 years ago and the result was magnificent! The size of my arm decreased so much that it was almost a perfect match to the size of my other arm. I also released so much fluid that I was in the bathroom more than I have ever been! Cupping is a great treatment to eliminate lymph edema, or it was in my case.

I am a massage therapist, and for my money there is no better massage in Virginia!! I have had massages by hundreds of therapists in many states during my massage therapy career, and I know what to look for.  Brooke's massages are infused with energy and expertise. Her personality, creativity and knowledge combine to provide a massage session that you can't afford to miss.  She has improved my range of motion and taken pain away from my hips, legs, and arms that other therapists have tried were unable to accomplish. Go ahead!! Sign up and find out what a therapeutic session is truly about!

Great Therapist! She made me feel at home! I felt real comfortable with her! I have not seen a therapist in 2 years and I know that I was a mess! She fixed me back together! She also used her Chinese cups on me that pulled some old scar tissue from a previous surgery from 6yrs ago. I noticed that I could move my right arm above my head! Thank you Brooke! I will be back and tell others! Thank you for making me laugh! I really needed that, knowing I had a real bad day at work!

I have finally found a great place to feel comfortable for a massage. It is peaceful and quiet at this spa. I had a massage with Brook and she was excellent! I no longer need to see a chiropractor because I think her cupping massage has helped me to move my arms and to bend at the waist! She doesn't pressure me to come back knowing I have a busy schedule. She always finds the spot on my body that drives me crazy! She is the first therapist that has ever worked on my glutes!! I was nervous at first, but I can really tell the difference with my back! Thank you for healing me!!

Amazing at what cupping from Brooke does on the body. Never dreamed that it would help this hip of mine but was willing to give it several trys. I am sleeping mostly on the hip which I have not done in several years due to a tear. I say to anyone that has health problems and getting shots STOP SHOTS and get a CUPPING OR SEVERAL FROM BROOKE. Thanks to Brooke I have not missed work in about a year over this HIP.

The cupping massage was / is GREAT!! I am still somewhat surprised at how much improvement those little cups can do. I got up Wednesday morning and NO PAIN. First time in a long time. Normally when I get a message the muscles in my back are sore for a couple of days. Since I have arthritis in my neck, my neck is never completely pain free. Wednesday morning I was actually pain free for the first time in a very long time. I didn’t have any soreness in my back either. The achiness in my jaw was gone and I did not have any bruising on either side of my jaw, neck, etc. The other thing I noticed immediately was that I could breath when I got up. I didn’t have to go through my normal “clearing of the sinuses” before I could actually breath through my nose.  All in all, I definitely liked and think this worked better than just the normal deep tissue massage I was getting. I have not had to see the chiropractor once since I started seeing you.

Thank you for massaging cupping my face! My face is so much clearer! I hope you can do that every time.  I appreciate your hard work and knowledge. Thank you!