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Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin  

By Guest Blogger - John

It is said that water is life and for a good reason. Water is very necessary in enabling body functions which include keeping the body hydrated, transporting nutrients to different parts of the body, helping the body eliminate waste and toxins, cooling down the body, moisturizing and protecting the joints, as well as protecting the vital organs. With all the functions in mind, it is easy to see why water is important. More so for the skin.

What is the relationship between water and skin?

The skin of a human being is the largest body organ and is comprised of 90% water. It is therefore important that a person consumes the right amount of water to maintain that same level. When a person does not drink enough water, the skin becomes greatly affected and tends to become dry, flaky and wrinkly. Keeping in mind that the skin protects all the internal organs, it becomes a great risk when it is not working at its best. Not to mention the fact that it is also needed to excrete excess water and toxins from the body. When one's skin is not taken care of, this process is not completed by the body the way it is supposed to be done. Water is therefore everything for healthy skin. Without it, it is safe to say for a fact that skin cannot function effectively and neither can it take care of itself. Sadly though, not many people focus on the habit of drinking water. Instead, people replace a glass of water with other drinks or beverages ranging from sodas, juices, tea, milk, coffee, alcohol. Anything but water so to speak.
Drinking water should therefore not be overlooked. The good news is that it is never too late to start this healthy habit of drinking water.

How does one's skin benefit from drinking water?

Many ways. For one, water keeps the skin looking young. The reverse of not drinking enough water is that the skin turns really dry, tight and even appears flaky. Drinking water therefore causes the skin to appear elastic, oiled and healthy looking.
Drinking water also helps boost the skins ability to fight off any infections. Skin is the most exposed part of the body and is therefore susceptible dangerous disease causing organisms. Skin is made up of red and white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for fighting off harmful organisms in the body. These cells can only be found in the skin if they are transported there by water. When one does not drink water, the skin does not have enough white blood cells and as a result, it does not have the ability to fight off the disease causing organisms thereby resulting in a myriad of opportunistic infections some of which include pimples and acne.
Drinking water hydrates the skin and this means that it is better able to withstand elements such as strong sun or cold which would otherwise cause a considerable amount of damage to the skin of someone that does not drink enough water.

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